Game Review: Detective Time (Mobile)

I’m not sure just how the developer thinks it is OK to charge money for a game that barely lasts 10 minutes. They can call it ‘short interactive cinema’ all they want, that in no way justifies just how little content there is.

That being said, Detective Time is not a terrible game. Visually, it’s quite nice to look at, the pixelated graphics and colours stand out.

Detective Time 4

You take on the role of the detective Randy who arrives at crime scene where a body was found at a lake. It’s up to you to investigate, piece clues together and figure out who the murderer is. There are four endings but these are only based around who you choose as your suspect.

Detective Time 2

Unfortunately, it’s not as dramatic as it sounds. Each location only has a number of things to find and do. You’ll click on the screen to find everything and even once you’ve exhausted dialogue with other characters they won’t offer anything new to you. It’s pretty lacklustre stuff with the few puzzles the game has hardly offering any kind of challenge.

Detective Time 3

Of course, just as you’re getting in to it, it ends. That really is a problem. It’s just so damn short.


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Detective Time
  • The Final Score - 4/10
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