Game Review: DeadCore (Xbox One)

Combining platforming with a first person shooter, DeadCore is an addictive & action-packed game from 5 Bits Games & Grip Digital. Originally released on PC in 2014, it has now made its way to PS4 & Xbox One.

DeadCore 2

Parkour, puzzles & platforming, DeadCore is an exciting game that is as visually striking as it is action packed. Tasked with uncovering how you ended up in the vast desolate world. Equipped with the ‘switchgun’ you’ll speed run your way towards & up the gigantic tower that is at centre.

DeadCore might be light on story but it makes up for it with tense & blisteringly fast gameplay. From the moment you take control you’ll be jumping, boosting & falling through complex & challenging traps. Simple controls that respond accordingly makes flying through the challenges a very simple & thrilling job.

DeadCore 3

Regular checkpoints that come before & after the more testing puzzles ensure failures don’t hurt too much. Re-spawning is instant & also via the press of the button. A good thing because there will be times when you’ll find yourself having taken a wrong turn & getting stuck.

It can be a little frustrating as some areas result in a fair bit of trial & error but there is serious satisfaction when you do get past a particular trying point.

DeadCore 4

With 5 levels & the possibility of completing it under an hour, there are questions raised regarding the longevity. As well as the single player campaign, there is another mode called’ speed-run’. This where you can vie with others for the fastest time on levels or short sections.

With global leader-boards these can be fun & challenging as you work out the best routes & tricks to getting through them quickly.

DeadCore 5

The futuristic yet simplistic visuals are appealing & along with the techno-electronica music, fits the gameplay perfectly. There’s plenty of fun to be had from DeadCore. Its speedy & frantic gameplay will keep you coming back for just one more go!


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