Game Review: Chat Master! (Mobile – Free to Play)

From Supersonic Studios and Rubessoft comes Chat Master, a bunch of mini-games wrapped up in incessant ad-spam and masquerading as a fully-fledged game. Yep, it’s a free to play mobile game. You know what your getting, yet Chat Master still surprises by how little it tries.

Gameplay is made up of varying mini-games that task you with a simple goal to complete. Do so and you shall earn followers, effectively this games version of points. There is no use for them, this is a free to play mobile game after all. The games’ major selling point; the text conversations with unusual people is easily the most lacking part. Where you must give the correct answers to please them but they’re either so easy or so dumb, they’re no fun at all.

They’re also filled with spelling and grammar errors which you can at least have a laugh at.

Elsewhere, you’ll have to sort Apps so they sit together (how fun), edit photos by touching the screen to remove blemishes (wow), destroy phones by using a chopper or your finger (what?) or deleting spam emails.

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If all of that doesn’t wow you how about guiding a plug to a socket without touching the walls? Filling a cup with emojis by pulling out right pins? Or replacing a faulty part of a phone? What about tapping the screen to turn off alarms?

They are poor offerings and most can be completed in a matter of seconds. You’ll actually spend more time trying to close down the ceaseless ads that pop up after every game, then you will be playing it.

It is another one of the worst offenders for ad-spam except here, the games are so short and so pointless, it somehow feels worse. The total lack of effort put in to make something worthwhile or entertaining is hardly surprising but still disappointing.


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Chat Master! (Mobile - Free to Play)
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