Game Review: BORIS: Escape From Brexit Island (Mobile – Free to Play)

When we reviewed Brexit the Game and Brexit! back in April of 2017, I don’t think anyone could have envisioned that we’d still be in the same situation come December 2019. Well…not quite the same. We’re about to go to the polls for another General Election and the star of this game, is currently our prime minister.

Yes, in BORIS: Escape from Brexit Island you play as the floppy-haired buffoon albeit a version he probably sees in the mirror. Published by Callum Edwards with concept, music and design by Fraser Edwards. If the latter name rings a bell that’s because Fraser is a musician. One we’ve covered in the past and hopefully will again in the future.

The game is a 2D platformer in the vein of Mario where the aim is to reach the flagpole at the end of the level. Along the way Boris will have to fight off and avoid many enemies such as rats, snails, pigeons and Nigel Farage. Happily, there are also many items Boris can pick up to help empower him to victory. Items like straight bananas, blue passports and beer. You’ll need to them to take down the bosses. The likes of Corbyn, Merkel, Macron and even…zombie Corbyn!

Yes, it is as tongue in cheek as it sounds and while many will see it clearly take a political stance that they may not agree with, it doesn’t stop it being very funny. Where else can you control Boris Johnson as he leaps through the streets of London delivering this trademark ‘quips’ while Jacob Rees-Mogg lounges nearby?

We’re not going to get into the politics of the game, you only have to reach the final level of a post-Brexit London to make up your mind on that. We’re here to review the game and on that front, it’s good if not flawed.

The visuals are simple and nice to look at but gameplay is repetitive and it has very little challenge. Most deaths will come from missing a button or the jumping mechanics failing, something that happens a few too many times to not be annoying. The controls aren’t a mess or anything but there are some definite issues that stop them feeling comfortable.

There are also glitches. Issues that crop up the more you play and most noticeable when fighting a boss. Often the screen will jump and reset, resulting in unnecessary damage being taken or in some circumstances…losing a life. This was at its worst during the battle with Barnier in Brussels where I was unable to do any damage to him with projectiles and instead had to get close and fight with my sword.

Nothing game breaking, just a bit frustrating.

It’s still well worth checking out, especially as it is free to play and doesn’t have any ads. Not only that but the music is excellent, I literally laughed at loud upon hearing the boss theme for the first time.

Can you Escape from Brexit Island?


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BORIS: Escape From Brexit Island
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