Game Review: Body Run 3D (Mobile – Free to Play)

It’s only bloody Voodoo again! One of our least favourite free to play developers because of just how ‘spammy’ they are. We don’t mean spammy in the ad sense of things but rather just how many games they constantly spew out. It seems as though every other lazy, uninspired and 5-mins of fun free to play offering comes from Voodoo.

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So, does Body Run 3D aka Fat 2 Fit buck that trend? Or is it just another yawn-inducing effort from a company long past caring about quality control?

Take a wild guess. If you’re as familiar with Voodoo as we are, you know the answer.

Body Run 3D was originally going under the name of Fat 2 Fit! Now, we have no proof of this but it seems as though the name change might have been because this game and the whole concept could be seen as a bit offensive.

Combine the original name with gameplay that has you eating either burgers to get fat or cucumbers to thin down and you could make the argument that the game is potentially body-shaming.

However, we don’t actually think that was the case. Voodoo can be called a lot of things but accusing them of body-shaming is a bit harsh. The concept is rubbish but to be fair, gameplay requires you to be different sizes to overcome the obstacles.

Too fat? You won’t be able to get over ledges, jump across gaps and glass floors won’t hold your weight. Too thin? You won’t be heavy enough to smash through glass walls. You’ll have to constantly change sizes to get to the end of the level.

Your rewards for reaching the end are coins which can then be spent on new skins and new foods can be unlocked as you play. Although neither has any bearing on gameplay at all which is basic runner stuff. Your character moves forward automatically and all you have to do is move them left and right with your finger.

Simple stuff that will hold your attention for about 10 minutes. Of course, there is no longevity here and the cost of new skins makes it unbearable to try to unlock them all. Then of course, we have the ads. It’s a free to play game and it’s Voodoo, prepare yourself for ad-spam.


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Body Run 3D
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