Game Review: Armikrog (Xbox One)

Armikrog is a stop-motion point-and-click adventure comedy game. Those familiar with the classic Earthworm Jim games will feel at home here seeing as the game was developed by Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield, founders of Pencil Test Studios and Doug TenNapel. The trio having worked together on Earthworm Jim and it shows here.

Armikrog 3

Tommynaut is an alien-looking space explorer who crashes on a planet called Spiro 5 along with his dog, Beak-Beak. The pair are chased by a ferocious creature ending up locked inside a fortress. They must explore & solve puzzles to escape & find their way back to their ship.

The point & click style of gameplay is certainly a throwback & if it was never something you enjoyed, Armikrog isn’t going to change that. Unfortunately, even if you’re a fan the game’s glaring issues end up ruining what could have been a great experience.

Armikrog 2

The game has bugs, far too many for one that has seen numerous updates. The gameplay is often frustrating & a lot of the puzzles are annoyingly difficult. The whole experience is marred by a short & unsatisfying story.

You’ll get stuck often wondering just where you’re supposed to go or what you’re supposed to do. Often, you’ll need to take control of Beak-Beak to explore small caves but the environment turns black-and-white when he’s selected making it tough to navigate.

Armikrog 4

Visually Armikrog utilises clay animation, a style that is really easy on the eyes. It’s a really interesting look, not something that you often see. Add that to great voice work & fun music, Armikrog is at least memorable.


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