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Coming from prolific free to play developer Voodoo, is proving to be a popular game thanks to simplistic pick up and play gameplay.

This review is for version 2.1.

A game where you control a swimmer shooting down a massive slide racing against AI controlled opponents. The aim? Get to the bottom in first place while knocking rivals off the slide to earn bonus coins.

Aquapark 2

It’s very easy to understand and very easy to pick up and play. However, it’s one of the emptiest games we’ve ever played. It was first released over 3 months ago (as of June 17th 2019) and has had 11 updates and it still has barely any content.

There is just one mode, choose your sex and name then hit play and head off down that slide. Reach the bottom, finish the race and move one step closer to unlocking the next slide. Each level will need to be played five times before the next is unlocked and how many are there currently to play overall? A grand total of three. Just three different slides. It says it has more ‘coming soon’ but this is a game that has been out for three months and still only has three levels available.

Aquapark 3

If that wasn’t bad enough, the coins you earn for finishing a race and knocking opponents off the slide are pointless. There is nowhere to spend them. There is a button on the main menu that looks like it might be skins or new costumes for your character but take one guess what pops up if you select it.

That’s right…coming soon. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Not convinced that this is a joke? Well, as is the norm now, is less of a game and more of an ad experience. You will get an ad every time you finish a level be it a win or a loss. Every single time. Fall off the slide and you can revive yourself by watching another ad.

Aquapark 4

It’s barely worth mentioning anymore as it’s the same with almost every free to play game. However, when the game has nothing of substance, has no real replay value and offers nothing to keep you coming back, the ad spam just seems sinister. Who in their right mind is paying £2.99 to remove ads from a game that offers nothing in return?
  • The Final Score - 2/10
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