Feature/Interview: Rare Vision Studios

Rare Vision Studios are a new indie film production company who are currently campaigning on Patreon to help fund their very first project entitled, Peripheral.

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About Peripheral:

‘After discovering what happened to his mother, a troubled artist’s failed suicide attempt attracts a dark entity that latches onto him. As he struggles with his newfound will to live, the entity uses its host desires to lure the artist back into his darkest state.’

By using Patreon, Rare Vision Studios have ensured that those who sign up are genuinely supporting an indie studio. Something that we can’t recommend enough. You can see for yourself by heading over to Rare Vision Studios Patreon here. You can also find out much more via their website here, over on their Facebook Page here & on Instagram here.

For clarity, We here at Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life have signed up to support Rare Vision Studios as we believe in what they are doing.

Interview with Darius Durr (Rare Vision Studios)

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1. How did Rare Vision Studios come to life?

Same Mission. Different Vision.
It all started with two brothers with one goal in mind. Originality. We see it all the time especially now where we’re getting remake after remake. As fans we want more fresh ideas when it comes storytelling rather than the same stories being told over and over. That goes film, photography or any other form of video production. So what we decided to do was to start our own production company where we focus on being original FIRST.

Our mission is the same as most other related companies which is to entertain. The thing that will set us apart is our vision. This in a nutshell is how the name came about. We rarely see original as well as dynamic content. RARE Vision Studios aims to begin filling that void. The film industry in Charlotte, NC was pushed out by our previous governor but it has been underground and is slowly making a comeback.

2. Tell us about your first project, Peripheral.

PERIPHERAL is our first baby, lol. It will be a short film of the Psychological Thriller genre. There is a little Horror thrown in there as well. This will be the type of film that will not so much scare but make you paranoid. It will have the audience thinking about it well after watching. Stories that resonate with you are always the best kind because you’re left with questions you thought were answered. We want those answers met with more questions.

We decided to go the short film route mainly because the entire world lives on the internet now and it’s also become the best way to promote and advertise any and everything. Attention spans are shorter so if you can get an idea across to an audience and keep them intrigued they are more likely to revisit that idea or ad.

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We’ve casted not all but mainly new faces to the acting world such as students and avid acting professional. Same with the crew; we are working with upcoming film producers and photographers. We have a line up of 3 teasers coming out soon and will begin all of our major filming in October. The release date is TBA but you can expect to be watching PERIPHERAL Winter 17-18. Everybody can stay updated on Patreon, Facebook, Instagram and our website.

3. You’re using Patreon to fund your projects. Why?

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Patreon is the newest addition to crowdfunding and the best part is that it’s tailored for ALL creatives. We like the subscription based idea because with a campaign like ours, we can earn patrons (subscribers who have paid) until filming starts and reward them feasibly with merch, exclusive updates, credit and so much more.

It makes everyone feel involved in the creative process. You can set goals that your patron can be actively be a part of to help you reach them. They just have a lot of cool features and I encourage any creatives out there to check them out.

4. What are some of your favourite horror movies?

Scream (All but 4)

Cabin In The Woods
Evil Dead
Nightmare On Elm St.

I could go on forever but this is what I came up with off the top of my head.

5. Can you give us some information about future planned projects?

Other than a few more film concepts we want to do a comedy webseries. It’s still in the writing stage. There’s a story my brother and I started a few years ago when we were more into music that we’re talking about continuing which will end up being shorts that follow a cyborg named Dixon. Who is forced to explore the world and tries to understand his purpose after his creator sets him free from isolation.

The first instalment can be found now on YouTube titled SydeKyc – The Language.

There may be something directly after PERIPHERAL that would go deeper into the story itself but I’ll just let that marinate. We also plan to provide services to people such as event coverage, commercial advertisements, photography, video narratives and more in the near future.

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