Exclusive Video Premiere: Know Your Enemy – Same

Know Your enemy is a high energy, Hard Rock band from New Jersey. Their style combines Rock, Punk, Metal and small doses of Hip Hop to create an Alternative Metal sound. Heavy guitar, clean & aggressive Vocals and a rhythm section groove that will grab you by the ears and make you want to move.

This four piece, Fonz Rodriguez (vocals), Jason Kent (guitar/vocals), Steven Bishop (bass) & Byron Lapola (drums) pulls you in like no other Hard Rock band. Pushing out energy you can’t avoid through a live performance that hooks you and does not disappoint.

Following up their second release, Root Of All Evil (2019) the foursome have a brand new track and video for you to enjoy. Describing the track the band says this:

We are more similar than we are different. We all struggle and sacrifice, we all have love and want something better. If we could all let our differences fade then together we could move to a better future.

Check it out below:


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