Exclusive Launch: Rick Massie Launches His First Online Game – Guided To An Imperfect Light

Rick Massie has released a new game to accompany his latest album, “Guided to an Imperfect Light”. The game, which goes by the same name as the album, offers players a brain-twisting riddle and puzzle experience, and will have you searching for the “Perfect Light”. 

Launch the game

Guided to an Imperfect Light is a free, browser-based game, best played on PC. Head over to play the game and get ready to think outside the box.

Rick says:

My music and artwork have always been ‘playful’, from having lyrics with words and phrases with double-meanings, to newly-created words, to hidden easter eggs within the music and website, it’s always been one of my geeky ways to have fun and hopefully make others smile.

During the production of the album, I spent a lot of time playing the epic game ‘Zahada’ with my family. It was a great escape from the news, the pandemic, and the stresses of real life. As we played, my brain got into a certain mindset, and I started coming up with my own riddles and puzzles, and started creating a small game to let my family play.

Eventually, I realized that others might enjoy the game as well. And since I had released an app to coincide with my first album, I thought that releasing a game to coincide with my second album might be fitting. Solving riddles and puzzles with my family had been so much fun – it’s so rewarding and exciting when you finally pick up on that one obscure clue that leads you to the answer. The whole point of my new album “Guided to an Imperfect Light” is to find joy and hope within the darkness, and I think this simple game is a good way to spread some of that light, by offering an experience that expands how you think, and gives you those moments of satisfaction when you finally figure out those odd, unexpected solutions.

Rick Massie is a solo artist from Whitehorse, Yukon. His new album “Guided to an Imperfect Light” is available on Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms. You can read our review of the album here.


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