EP Review: Zorya – Primeval (Self Released)

Zorya is a Slovenian atmospheric post-black metal duo, consisting of Jan Oblak (all instruments, screams) who was joined by Sara Jeremić (clean vocals, lyrics) in March 2021.

The band was created in 2019 and has one studio product released so far, an EP ‘Rusalka’, the title of which also references Slavic mythology. The upcoming release, called ‘Primeval’ is set to be released digitally on 10 May 2021.

Blending thoughtful melody, chilling atmosphere and raw bursts of black metal. The four tracks of Primeval are an unrefined bunch but with enough imagination to keep you listening on. The first track, Flies Without the Light, is where most will struggle as it goes on a tad too long and starts to get repetitive.

However, that shaky start is corrected with the excellent guitar melody of Waterfall. Where post and black metal combine to grand results. Yarilo is much more focused on the latter but slays in that department. Frenzied and frantic but very captivating. The vocals in particular are quite horrifying. A mid-point melodic drop only serves to heighten the intensity for when the blackness returns.

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The final track is Nature and sees Zorya expertly weave their post atmosphere and melodies together with their harsh and raw black metal sound. It even features clean singing for the first time on the record which is a really welcome addition.

A capturing release. Even the less interesting opener is massively overshadowed by the quality of the three tracks that follow it.

Zorya – Primeval Full Track Listing:

1. Flies Without The Light
2. Waterfall
3. Yarilo
4. Nature


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Zorya - Primeval (Self Released)
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