EP Review: zebrahead – II (MFZB Records/Avex Group)

zebrahead deliver their genre-bending, feel-good blend of rap-core and punk-pop on their new EP II, due for release on 3rd February 2023 via MFZB Records / Avex Group (Japan). An album, which is being released in three parts: II is the follow-up to their III EP which was released in 2021, with their I EP expected to drop in late autumn 2023.

Kicking off this new EP with a bevy of punk rock fire. With No Tomorrow, zebrahead deliver an early anthem to move and sing along to. The vocal mix of singing and rapping continues to make this band a joy to listen to and this is a banging start.

Licking on a Knife for Fun then starts with a touch of melody before zebrahead kick it up a serious notch and turn it into another crowd-pleasing anthem. Here, though, the riffs are stronger, and the chorus is class. Followed then by the fun, tongue-in-cheek ska-infused Evil Anonymous and the moody intensity of Middle Seat Blues. Here, the rapping really takes prominence but once again, the combination of vocal styles really makes for an ear-pleasing listen.

Finally, II comes to a close with another bloody anthem. The straight-forward punk rock energy of F.L.F.U. Which just so happens to stand for ‘fuck love, fuck you’. Maybe the most infectious track of all.

Regardless, it’s another banger on an EP of bangers. zebrahead’s output is top-notch at the moment.

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zebrahead - II (MFZB Records/Avex Group)
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