EP Review: Weaponry – Forever Nothing (Prank Monkey Records)

UK Post-hardcore crew Weaponry’s much anticipated new EP ‘Forever Nothing’, will be released on June 17th through Prank Monkey Records.

With Forever Nothing, Weaponry have created anthems unashamed by their raw lyrical content covering topics such as homelessness, isolation and anxiety pulling from real life experiences. Forever Nothing is a reminder to the band not to get too excited with any successes that come their way.

Lead singer Al Bristow comments:

The words “Forever Nothing” originated in one of our earlier tracks Moving To Andromeda. It’s a tongue-in-cheek phrase we like to say to each other when we think we might be getting too big for our boots. We are forever nothing. Even if we end up playing Wembley Arena, there’s still Wembley Stadium. So when we play to a sold out crowd of 150 people, “Forever Nothing” is a reminder that it could very easily be 2 fans and the sound guy.

This is awesome and real proof that everyone needs to be paying attention to Weaponry and their raw, naked and passionate post-hardcore display. A 4-track EP that is blistering with barely contained aggression, showcasing real feelings that deal with difficult subjects and expunged in heavy, stompy and groovy fashion. The chunkiness of the guitars and isolation of the vocals on the opening track Take It or Leave It will have most sold.

However, if you’re after something with a bit more energy and intensity, Please Enjoy the Show will deliver. A track that has that ‘live’ feel where you can almost smell the sweat and blood. Before Weaponry step up their game with a more melodic effort in Mine. A highlight of the EP, it’s post-hardcore gold with a killer main riff and some exceptionally strong vocals. If there is one track you check out on this EP, make it this one.

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However, the final track My Name is Glory should be the next as it’s almost just as good. Hell, it’s a 4-track EP, set the time aside to listen to the full thing because it really is awesome. There’s a reason why Weaponry have already achieved success. If you’ve been championing this band already, you’re going to feel very smug. If this is your first listen, get on the bloody train because it’s picking up speed now.

Weaponry – Forever Nothing Full Track Listing:

1. Take It or Leave It
2. Please Enjoy the Show
3. Mine
4. My Name is Glory




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Weaponry - Forever Nothing (Prank Monkey Records)
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