EP Review: Void of Vision – Chronicles III: Underworld (UNFD)

Melbourne’s Void of Vision are back with the final part of their Chronicles EP series. Following on from Chronicles I: Lust and Chronicles II: Heaven, Chronicles III: Underworld is released on the 11th of November 2022 via UNFD.

Surprise! Void of Vision have sneakily dropped this new EP and it sees the ever-improving band end this trilogy with a bang. A massive bang as the explosive blend of industrial and metal energy hits even greater heights with Hell Hell Hell. A chaotic and abrasive listen that has a stupidly infectious bridge, one of their most intense choruses to date and a breakdown that is simply senseless. It’s Void of Vision doing what they do so well, which is leaving the listener mouth agape and ready for the nearest pit when this one hits live.

That there, is the highlight but there’s nothing to complain about with the futuristic industrial beat of ASMR. You can easily imagine a bunch of hedonistic individuals moving their bodies to this track in a dark and gloomy underground club. A place that only the most liberated of people know about, as the eventual descent into an orgy of lights and noise will offend most.

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Finally, it’s a Void of Vision special with Neue One as the four-piece make the hairs stand up on the body through the dangerous devilry that emanates from this track. You’re waiting for it to just erupt, the industrial beat and scathing vocals building and building, until it finally reaches a fever pitch.

Exhausting and unique, it’s Void of Vision, and regardless of if their type of music is for you, no-one can dispute their abilities to challenge.

Void of Vision – Chronicles III: Underworld Full Track Listing:

1. Hell Hell Hell
3. Neue One


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Void of Vision - Chronicles III: Underworld (UNFD)
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