EP Review: Verity White – Ungrounded (WDFD Records)

Ungrounded is the second EP written and recorded by Verity White under Covid restrictions in their home studio. Combining elements of rock, grunge, punk and indie with Verity White’s trademark soaring vocals and autobiographical lyrics, ‘Ungrounded’ is Verity White telling the world to take notice and the world is!

Ungrounded will be released on November 27th via WDFD Records.

Something to raise a smile during anxious times, something to help take you away from your troubles. Verity White’s ‘mellow but with bite’ rock music is thought-provoking, reflective and feel-good. Exemplified by A Little Bit of Trouble, where the rhythm plays second fiddle to White’s impressively powerful vocals but also works as the backbone to the foot-tapping catchiness of the record.

Mist is a much more mournful affair but with similar bursts of energy that lift the soul out of any potential doldrums. The sweet guitar melody is a lot more prominent here and it is nice to get a solo but once again, it’s hard not to marvel at White’s imposing vocals.

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It’s then time for Strange Times and the highlight of the record. Where the beat is so charming, and a more subtle vocal performance is welcome. The use of bells/chimes gives it an awesome holiday flavour too. It’s a lovable track.

Although there are no complaints with any other track, least of all the finale of Turn Myself Around. A lively and warm closer that shows just how well perfected Verity White have got their rock sound. You’ll be humming is one for some time after.

Verity White – Ungrounded Full Track Listing:

1. A Little Bit of Trouble
2. Mist
3. Strange Times
4. Turn Myself Around


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Verity White - Ungrounded (WDFD Records)
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