EP Review: Valhalla Awaits – Perdition (Self Released)

South Welsh powerhouse rock outfit Valhalla Awaits, which features members from The Blackout, Buffalo Summer, Revoker, and Phil Campbell, will release their new EP ‘Perdition’ on March 8th, 2024.

Photo Credit: Megan Jenkins

Doing everything possible to make the listener sit up and take notice, Valhalla Awaits come out with all guns blazing on Perdition. Kicking off the EP with the beastly rock hardness of Door Of No Return. A barnstorming start to the release, the ‘powerhouse’ tag makes so much sense once you hear this track, and the combo of a guitar solo and pounding drums near the end of the track is extraordinary sounding.

With a high bar set, it’s delightful to hear Valhalla Awaits continue to deliver extremely memorable head bangers. First, with the grungy-rock-tinged Staring At the Gun, a track that really lets the vocals soar. Then, with Is There Anybody Out There, a track with a much moodier vibe, Valhalla Awaits really showing off some of their deeper melodies and just how meaningful their music can be. Capped off with a chorus that buoys the spirit nicely.

The layering of robust rock instrumentation and melody is what really helps the overall EP standout and there’s absolutely nothing to complain about with We Remain. However, it does feel a bit plain when compared to what came before and what comes after, which just so happens to be the brash and brilliant head banger that All Hope is Lost. A big finish with some really hefty drums and riffs, all while those vocals pour honey directly into the ears.

It’s a great release that stands out from the rock crowd.

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Valhalla Awaits – Perdition Track Listing:

1. Door Of No Return
2. Staring At The Gun
3. Is There Anybody Out There
4. We Remain
5. All Hope Is Lost


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Valhalla Awaits - Perdition (Self Released)
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