EP Review: Unendlich – Misanthrope Divine (Parasadistic Records)

Unendlich’s latest EP, ‘Misanthrope Divine’. takes the dystopian themes of last year’s album ‘Paradox of a Broken World’ and revisits them at the individual level. Three new songs delve into the heterodoxical worship of misanthropy as an adaptation to the absurdity of modern existence.

The EP also includes two previously released songs re-envisioned, re-recorded and remastered. It will be released on May 13th, 2022 via Parasadistic Records.

The elegance that Unendlich portrays on this EP is a continuation of what made the solo project such an appealing listen on Paradox of a Broken World. Where discordant and harsh black metal blends with lavish poignancy to create something that is both memorable and interesting. A set of tracks that has progressive value and steps away from the expected nature of melody-infused black metal, namely atmosphere.

Though not in the sense that Unendlich doesn’t create atmosphere but rather, it isn’t something utilised in the music to create emotional states. It sounds odd to think but how often is that actually the case? Instead Unendlich creates atmosphere that grows from the mind as you experience the impressive combination of brutal black metal, lavish melody, and progressive detail.

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It’s a spectacular EP that rightfully stands out. The three tracks flying by in a blur of captivating excitement. Before the two re-envisioned, re-recorded and remastered tracks show that Unendlich’s past fits just as well in its future.

Unendlich – Misanthrope Divine Full Track Listing:

1. Stillness in Death
2. No Light Will Take Me
3. Misanthrope Divine
4. Rearranged to Be Broken
5. Secret of Consequence


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Unendlich - Misanthrope Divine (Parasadistic Records)
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