EP Review: Turn Cold – Break Your Faith (Self Released)

Borne out of pandemic induced isolation, Turn Cold began with living room demos and remote track trading between members. Once able to enter the studio, the new release, ‘Break Your Faith’ quickly began to develop. The events of the past year have not only led to the creation of the band but have also influenced vocalist Stenvik’s lyrical conjurations. A document of the struggle to navigate the world’s current landscape will resonate with listeners around the globe.

The new three track EP is a crossover thrash onslaught. Turn Cold draw musical influence from the likes of heavy metal and hardcore institutions such as Metallica, Slayer and Cro-Mags. Break Your Faith will be released on September 3rd, 2021.

Born out of frustration, Turn Cold have channelled their feelings into three tracks of boisterous and rampaging crossover thrash. Where hurtling riffs meet crunchy percussion and venomous vocals, all wrapped up in a thrashy and speedy hard metal shell.

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A thumping effort, it’s akin to a bar fight. Chairs, tables and pint glasses are being thrown about and smashed while people scream and run for cover. It’s wild, it’s violent and scary but over in an instant. Spilling out into the street for bare-knuckle brawls that leave bruises and cuts all over.



Panting, exhausted and sore… the satisfied smile that creeps across faces is undeniable. Turn Cold delivered.

Turn Cold – Break Your Faith Full Track Listing:

1. Break Your Faith
2. Delusion Solution
3. The End of My Rope


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Turn Cold - Break Your Faith (Self Released)
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