EP Review: Triagone – Sem Papyrvs (Self Released)

Belgian technical death metal band Triagone will release their debut EP ‘Sem Papyrvs’ (CD/Digital) on February 10th, 2023.

There is a lot that makes Triagone stand out on this debut EP. On the one hand, they showcase a meaty and manic blast of tech-death. On the other, we have duelling vocals coming from both male and female voices. Both guttural and harsh, doing battle across the six tracks.

All of this combined makes sure that Sem Papyrvs is a memorable release. Giving this music a real flavour. Especially when you hear the technical talents of the band alongside their willingness to be uncompromisingly brutal. The likes of Novvs Ordo Seclorvm, Ad Mortem Sem Papyrvs, and De Beata Vita are standout moments. Easily the tracks you’ll find yourself head-banging intently too. Although don’t be surprised if your neck is aching throughout.

It should also be noted that Triagone’s presentation is another aspect that suggest they have their eyes on bigger prizes. This EP is the introduction and one hell of a one. Pay attention, you’re going to be hearing a lot more about this band over the next few years.

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Triagone – Sem Papyrvs (Self Released)
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