EP Review: Toxik – Breaking Class (Self Released)

Due out on August 4th 2017, Breaking Glass is the new EP from New York band, Toxik. If you’re a fan of a classic thrash/metal sound then this is right up your street.

Toxik 1

Only 3 songs long, Breaking Class is fast, heavy & coated in a wonderful 80’s metal vibe. Stand Up comes screaming out of the blocks, wrapped in denim with hair steaming in the wind. It’s a high-tempo start blasting out riffs & hooks like they’re going out of business.

The sort of track you’ll be humming long afterwards. It’s followed by the catchy chorus-led self-titled, Breaking Class. The track has an element of wildness about it that. It feels untamed, like a lion that has turned around & bit your hand off after twenty years!

The excellent EP finishes up with Psyop, a raging beast that still holds an incredible amount of rhythm.

Breaking Class might be short but the job is just getting started for Toxik. A new album is on the cards & going off this, could be an absolute rager.

Toxik 2

Toxik – Breaking Class Full Track Listing:

1. Stand Up
2. Breaking Class
3. Psyop

You can order the EP now over on Bandcamp. Head over to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, SoundCloud & YouTube to find out more about Toxik! You can also listen to some of their earlier music via most major streaming services including Apple Music below.


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Toxik - Breaking Class (Self Released)
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