EP Review: Titanosaur – Inti Wañu (The Swamp Records)

The one-man stoner metal band that is Titanosaur has released the EP ‘Inti Wañu’ via The Swamp Records. Self-described as a head banging sandwich of Motorhead, Ramones and Black Sabbath.

Regarding the EP title, Titanosaur says:

Inti Wañu is Quechua for Sun Warrior. Quechua is the native language of South America. My family comes from Ecuador and has indigenous blood. My grandmother and her family grew up in the Cotopaxi region – the Cotopaxi is one of the biggest active volcanos in the world. I feel that I bring the power, majesty and fear of living in the shadow of such a mountain to my music in Titanosaur.



One of the best things about this EP is the swagger that exudes from it. We have a bunch of tracks that really does sound like the lovechild of Motorhead, Kyuss and Monster Magnet. Five tracks (and one bonus) of heavy, growling and grooving stoner rock heaviness.

We begin with the punkier metal blast of Take the Sanity before the stoner vibes really take hold with Someone Will Come. A longer and more elaborate effort with chunky rhythm and filthy, gruff vocals.

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Super Colossal Spanish Queen is heavy riff gold and the methodical tempo really gets under the skin. Before On the Run injects a bit more energy into things with a memorable and foot-tapping heavy beat. Whereas This Love is a fiery, passionate and wild rock and roll number.

A nice amount of variety throughout, Bandcamp users get the pleasure of a bonus track. A Spanish language version of Super Colossal Spanish Queen called Reina Española Super Colosal.

This is an excellent EP. A killer showcase of what Titanosaur have to offer.

Titanosaur – Inti Wañu Full Track Listing:

1. Take the Sanity
2. Someone Will Come
3. Super Colossal Spanish Queen
4. On the Run
5. This Love
6. Reina Española Super Colosal


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Titanosaur - Inti Wañu (The Swamp Records)
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