EP Review: Tijuana Taxi – Paracusis (Self Released)

Out on April 26th 2019, Paracusis is the debut release of Tijuana Taxi. Following the band’s recent release of the single ‘Sagittarius A, the Toronto space-rock quartet are set to release the five other tracks to accompany the single for the full debut release.

Tijuana Taxi 2

Unearthly and troubled, dripping in feedback and other-worldly noise, Tijuana Taxi’s Paracusis is a unique sounding record. The richness that exists within the vocals of Headspace is offset by a droning drum beat and uncomfortable fuzz. What makes this more listenable is how subtle it is, something that goes out the window for the brashness of Sagittarius A*.

It’s way more in your face but that’s a good thing as this really is a great track. Energetic and weird sounding, the feedback covered guitars sound great and it’s easy to see just how this track managed to grab so much attention back when it was first released.



Trills returns to vocals softly overlaying the intense level of fuzziness. The noise reaching a feverish level while Ritter has this upbeat rhythm that is kind of catchy in an 80’s pop kind of way. It shouldn’t work but damn it, it really does.

Finally Back to One confirms Paracusis as one of the most fascinating releases this year. As it does a complete reversal when compared to the previous track. Booming and heavy, dark and rumbling, evil and haunting…the echoing feedback is at its most grungy with the squealing noise layered throughout really adding to the uncomfortable vibe.

Tijuana Taxi 1

Tijuana Taxi – Paracusis Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Headspace
3. Sagittarius A*
4. Trills
5. Ritter
6. Back to One

Head over to the band’s Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram to find out more and keep up to date with news. Their music can be found via all major streaming services and Bandcamp!


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Tijuana Taxi - Paracusis (Self Released)
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