EP Review: Through the Noise – Dualism – Synthwave Sessions (Eclipse Records)

Eclipse Records present the new Through the Noise EP ‘Dualism – Synthwave Sessions’. Dualism – Synthwave Sessions is a mesmerizing collection of 80’s-inspired retro synthwave versions of the band’s post-hardcore metal hits.

It will be released on December 13th 2019.

I love ideas like this but it certainly helps that I also really like synth and synthwave. If you don’t, well this isn’t going to be an EP for you even if you’re a big fan of the band. Although if you are, you can surely appreciate what Through the Noise have done here.

So 80s, this is just a fun EP that has three Through the Noise tracks put through the synth blender. The mush that comes out is not just delicious but also revitalising as if you’ve had a shot of caffeine straight to the brain.

Of the three, it’s Deceiver that stands out the most. A really energetic track that even lifts the soul a little near the end. Whereas Shattered is the air grab/fist in the air, a little bit defiant and Psychomachia is a lot more mellow and chilled out. The end credits as it where.

Relax, don’t take it too seriously and you’ll have fun with this EP.

Through the Noise – Dualism – Synthwave Sessions Full Track Listing:

1. Deceiver (Synthwave Version)
2. Shattered (Synthwave Version)
3. Psychomachia (Synthwave Version)


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Through the Noise - Dualism - Synthwave Sessions (Eclipse Records)
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