EP Review: The Hate Project – Blessed with Malevolence (Seek & Strike)

Sweden’s The Hate Project return with their pummelling new EP ‘Blessed with Malevolence’, released July 7th, 2023, via Seek & Strike. Blessed with Malevolence depicts the darkest parts of humanity, detailing various band members’ battles with addiction.

This is not a happy sounding set of songs from The Hate Project. From the moment the introduction of Suffer splits open, releasing dark atmosphere and crunching heaviness, a black cloud descends on the mind.

A short opener, The Hate Project fully unleash a bleak and brutal tome with the following title track. The beastly instrumentation and growling vocals make for a thumping listen, but it’s the layering of atmospheric touches that really make this something special.

Then it’s Needle Fanatic and a brazen exposure of speed and savagery. Before Confessions of A Murderer showcases a brutal stompy beat that sounds downright dangerous, and Death’s Deal gets even more manic. Each track is a rush of blood to the head, darkly crushing, in the best ways possible.

It’s a very nasty blast of heavy from The Hate Project.

The Hate Project – Blessed with Malevolence Track Listing:

1. (Intro) Suffer
2. Blessed With Malevolence
3. Needle Fanatic
4. Confessions Of A Murderer
5. Death’s Deal


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The Hate Project - Blessed with Malevolence (Seek & Strike)
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