EP Review: The Daily Chase – The Colour Of Crisis (Self Released)

‘The Colour of Crisis’ explores a search for the deepest darkest parts of oneself and challenging those thoughts. It is about looking within and battling personal issues and beliefs and building a new version, it’s about fighting mental battles and breaking away from your own personal crisis.

The Daily Chase will release The Colour of Crisis on April 8th, 2022.

With undeniable heart and soul, The Daily Chase pour a ton of passion into this new EP. Delivering a six-track modern post-hardcore and alt-metal giant that has relatability. Six tracks that speak to any and all that have battled demons and dealt with hardships in their lives. Which, let’s be honest, will be most.

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An innate catchiness as they shift from heartfelt mellow and melodic moments to uncontrollable hardcore-infused ferocity, The Daily Chase certainly keep you guessing throughout The Colour of Crisis. It does make the experience very exciting as no two tracks sound the same.

From the sharp hooks of Killjoy, to the pure punching power of Light You Up, to the energised Human by Design and absolutely blistering Divide the Future from The Past. The Daily Chase do not hold back and it makes this one hell of an unforgettable EP.

The Daily Chase – The Colour of Crisis Full Track Listing:

1. Killjoy
2. Light You Up
3. Lotusland
4. Human by Design
5. Second Sun
6. Divide The Future from The Past


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The Daily Chase - The Colour Of Crisis (Self Released)
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