EP Review: The Bloody Nerve – Act ll Reckoning (Antic Records)

The Bloody Nerve continue the episodic roll-out of their hard-hitting album, ‘All Blood, No Treasure’ with the EP, Act II Reckoning. Released on March 25th, 2022.

Three tracks long, this new EP and the next part in the album release, just so happens to feature three of The Bloody Nerve’s best tracks to date. Couple these with what came in Act I and All Blood, No Treasure is shaping up to be the one of the best albums of the year.

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Until then, until the full thing can be in heard in context, be assured that you’ll be listening to this EP over and over and over and over again. From the punk-infused, rock banger and catchy sing-along that is Episode 4: All Blood, No Treasure to the groove-tastic, infectious Episode 5: Down To the Letter and the thrill ride that is Episode 6: Doin All Day.

They’re all great tracks but the latter is just a cut above thanks, in part, to the gospel-style vocal segments. Although, they’re all so damn catchy and memorable, there’s just nothing to complain about.

Roll on Act III, the full album and everything else The Bloody Nerve do!

The Bloody Nerve – Act II Reckoning Full Track Listing:

1. Episode 4. All Blood, No Treasure
2. Episode 5. Down To The Letter
3. Episode 6. Doin All Day


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The Bloody Nerve - Act ll Reckoning (Antic Records)
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