EP Review: Sxokondo – Flesh & Sky (Division Records)

Sxokondo (Pronounced shock-hondo, from the esperanto word for Shockwave) is a hardcore band from Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. They started out as a four-piece group in 2012, yet later on welcomed a second guitar player and consequently moved towards a darker path influenced by the likes of Breach, Botch and Converge.

Due to some instability in their line-up Sxokondo was put on hold for nearly two years and returned in 2014 with a revamped line-up to record a split EP with Oregon Trail. Loud, harsh and downright heavy the split was met with great critical acclaim and allowed the band to share the stage with bands like Napalm Death, Coilguns, Birds in Row, Life as War, Promethee, Euclidean, Ken Mode, Unhold and many others.

Now, six long years following the release of the split EP the Swiss are back with a new EP titled “Flesh & Sky”. It is out on April 17th 2020 via Division Records.

Drawing from the modern school of hardcore, Sxokondo’s new three track EP has plenty of spit and fire. However, each track is a drawn out affair. No short and punchy numbers here but rather a collection of lengthy and sustained beatings.

Three tracks that boil over with hardcore fury and energy, Sxokondo capable of holding their rage in just so they can explode time and time again. Both Flesh and Sky Part I and II showcase this perfectly.

When they do let rip, it is chaos on another level and up there as the very best of what modern hardcore can do.

Sxokondo – Flesh & Sky Full Track Listing:

1. Flesh and Sky Part I
2. The Last Circle
3. Flesh and Sky Part II




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Sxokondo - Flesh & Sky (Division Records)
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