EP Review: Swamp Thief – Swamp Thief I (Self Released)

Swamp Thief are a two-piece heavy rock band from Swansea, South Wales, playing a blend of sludgy, down-tuned riffs. They have just released our debut collection of recordings, titled Swamp Thief I.

With enough rumble and fuzz to make your fillings ache. Swamp Thief announce themselves on the UK sludge scene in some manner. This 4-track EP is caked in swampy and sludgy goodness. Rumbling bass layered over greasy riffs with welcome varying vocals, the lead clean and clear but helped here and there by a gruffer and more distanced voice.

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Making themselves standout from the pack by having catchier fuzzed out rhythms. Whip Hand is a right filthy groove number and Maelstrom Queen would even get a stuffy church meeting moving, Swamp Thief thoroughly impress on this debut.

The one and only fault being that it is only 4 tracks long. We want more, we need more from Swamp Thief.

Swamp Thief – Swamp Thief I Full Track Listing:

1. Mary
2. Whip Hand
3. Maelstrom Queen
4. Tides


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Swamp Thief - Swamp Thief I (Self Released)
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