EP Review: Stenched – Gorging on Mephitic Rot (Blood Harvest Records)

Gestated in 2023, Stenched emanate from the sewers of the city of Monterrey, in northern Mexico. On October 31st, 2023, Blood Harvest Records will release their debut demo, ‘Gorging on Mephitic Rot’, on 12″ vinyl format.

There is some really grim death metal coming from the cesspits of Mexico, and Blood Harvest Records are getting elbow deep in the muck to find the golden nuggets. Their latest find is Stenched, and these noise-mongers are going for a vomitus display, blended with a strong sense of threatening horror, with this release.

Gorging on Mephitic Rot is six tracks long (if you pick up the vinyl version – otherwise its four) and it will leave you feeling faint and nauseous. Each track comes with a hefty amount of filth, Stenched dig into the fleshy depths for what is nothing short of relentless heaviness.



As extreme as it can get, without breaking any particular boundaries, it leaves an impression. The underground death metal scene of Mexico is certainly worth paying a bit more attention to, based off music like this.

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Stenched – Gorging on Mephitic Rot Track Listing:

1. Black Adipocere
2. Putridity Mass Excretion
3. Maggot Grave Infestation
4. Rentombment
5. Chunks Of Pustulant Rot (Bonus Track – Vinyl Version Only)
6. A Skull Covered In Putrid Slime (Bonus Track – Vinyl Version Only)


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Stenched - Gorging on Mephitic Rot (Blood Harvest Records)
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