EP Review: Sicksense – Fools Tomorrow (Sound Escape)

Nu-metal rising stars Sicksense featuring Killer V (Vicky Psarakis of The Agonist) and Rob the Ripper (Robby J. Fonts of Stuck Mojo), will release their new EP ‘Fools Tomorrow’ on 11th June via Sound Escape.

The nu-metal revival continues, albeit modernised in a lot of cases. Which is exactly what Sicksense are going for, notable by the dual vocal performance where the two voices play off each other in interesting ways. Although there’s still plenty about Fools Tomorrow where it could have come out in 1999 and few would be surprised.

Take that for what you will. If you’ve been loving the slew of modern bands taking inspiration from the ‘beloved and ostracised’ sub-genre, then Sicksense are going to be right up your street.

Utilising abrasive electronica, swinging their metal weight around with complete disregard for anyone in their way, offering up throaty roars, rap segments, clean singing, and infectious choruses, Sicksense tick many boxes here. Yet, there’s no denying their clear passion for this sound. Nor is there any denying their abilities to get listeners moving. The five tracks of Fools Tomorrow do hit hard and the likes of the title track and Run and Hide are nu-metal anthems.

As far as catchiness goes, Sicksense have nailed it.

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Sicksense – Fools Tomorrow Track Listing:

1. Feed Them to The Wolves
2. Fools Tomorrow
3. Invitation
4. Run and Hide
5. Erase, Rewind


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Sicksense - Fools Tomorrow (Sound Escape)
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