EP Review: Siblings of Samhain – Trioxin (We Are Horror Records)

Do you want to party?

That line sums up the Return of the Living Dead series in a nutshell. Strap yourselves in as Siblings of Samhain take you for a ride through the series in a hardcore-laden zombie-fest called ’Trioxin’. The EP will be released on January 27th, 2023, via We Are Horror Records.

Rarely does a release come along that is tailor made for me, yet here we are. It’s no secret that the original Return of the Living Dead movie is my favourite horror movie ever. Hell, it partially inspired the title of this website and I even have ROTLD tattoos. So, an EP from a hardcore band that pays tribute to the five films in the series is right up my street. Even if my feelings on some of the other films in the series are less than positive.

Kicking things off with a heavy and fast cover of the iconic Trioxin Theme, Siblings of Samhain get the brain-munching excitement flowing like leaking gas from one of the tanks. It’s such a tune, that there’s not much Siblings of Samhain could do to screw it up, and they really give it a meaty twist. Especially with the shout of “brains” repeatedly.

It’s party time though with the hectic and furious hardcore punk noise of Back From the Grave. The dead are rising and they’re downright unstoppable. This is the sound of Siblings of Samhain dancing on top of a grave as the acid rain falls around them.



Leading the dead on a merry dance, They Want Brains has a sinister edge, enhanced by the lethargic vocals. The electrifying tempo of the instruments is enough to make the brain eaters shake though. Siblings of Samhain then following that with Die For Her, a concise epic that serves to remind you that death is no barrier to love.

Now, while the next two films are extremely low points in the series (Necropolis and Rave to the Grave), Siblings of Samhain certainly don’t follow suit with their tributes. First, is a thumping and energetic singalong in the form of Zombie Soldiers Are Go. Then it’s speeding intensity with Z, which features Medico of Send More Paramedics delivering a kick ass guitar solo.

A glowing, fun, and extremely memorable tribute to the series overall.

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Siblings of Samhain – Trioxin (We Are Horror Records)
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