EP Review: Seum – Live at CJLO (Self Released)

Doomy, sludge three-piece Seum’s second album ‘Double Double’ is now a year old, and to celebrate this, they will release a live EP on February 24th. Called ‘Live at CJLO’, it contains four songs from the ‘Double Double’ album, recorded live and on air at CJLO 1690AM radio, a local Montreal based radio station.

If you need a re-introduction to Seum, this EP is the perfect thing to remind you of their unique set-up. A band that only uses drums, bass, and vocals. There are no guitars. Perfect for a doomy and sludgy sound, which Seum certainly showcased on the excellent Double Double album.

Moody, doomy, sludgy, groovy, and punky. All elements that sit extremely comfortably together, especially in the talented hands of Seum. The three-piece creating unrestrained, but cleverly controlled, heaviness that makes you gurn.



That’s what part of what I said regarding Double Double (You can read the full review here) and I’ve wondered, ever since, what it might sound ‘live’. Well, thanks to this EP, I now have some idea and it’s as wonderfully abrasive as I could have hoped. The four tracks here are great examples of the variety in their sound. From the heavier pace of Snow Bird, to the gloomy intensity of Razorblade Rainbow, to the inventive Seum Noir, and the fuzzed up groove of Torpedo. If this is your first listen of Seum, you’re going to come away very happy.

I’d love to see more bands do releases like this, as there’s something so cool about it. Live, but from a unique standpoint, and really showcasing the talents of the band. While we wait for what comes next from Seum, this will certainly provide ample listening.

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Seum – Live at CJLO Track Listing:

1. Snow Bird (Live)
2. Razorblade Rainbow (Live)
3. Seum Noir (Live)
4. Torpedo (Live)


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Seum – Live at CJLO (Self Released)
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