EP Review: Sepolcro – Amorphous Mass (Dismal Fate Records)

Describing themselves as ‘abysmal death metal’, Sepolcro hail from Verona in Italy and will be releasing their brand new EP, Amorphous Mass on May 1st 2019 via Dismal Fate Records.

Sepolcro 1

A machine of horrible noise, Sepolcro’s vile style of death metal is rooted in the nastiest of nasties. Brutal and uncompromising death metal with that ‘basement recording’ sound to it. Anything longer then an EP and it would get stale but with just five tracks, Amorphous Mass is an addictive chaotic mess.

If the rawness of opener, The Malevolent Mist doesn’t have you reaching for the sick bucket then Sulphurous Eruption from the Depths will force the bile out of your stomach.

It’s more of the same with Unnamed Dimension (which is no bad thing) while An Ancient Summoning provides a horrible interlude of twisted and ritualistic chanting. It conjures up images of darkened caves where evil beings meet to plan sacrifices.

Finally it’s the title track that wraps up this slice of intensity in the familiar brutalising way that we’ve come to expect from Sepolcro. It’s horrifyingly raw death metal and nothing more but a damn good one.

Sepolcro 2

Sepolcro – Amorphous Mass Full Track Listing:

1. The Malevolent Mist
2. Sulphurous Eruption from the Depths
3. Unnamed Dimension
4. An Ancient Summoning
5. Amorphous Mass

The EP can be ordered via Bandcamp here and you can find out more via Facebook.


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Sepolcro - Amorphous Mass (Dismal Fate Records)
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