EP Review: Secrets of Mariana – Shadow (Self Released)

Secrets of Mariana are a melodic metal band hailing from Birmingham in the UK. They will release their brand-new EP, ‘Shadow’ on February 16th, 2024.

I got a big kick out of Cut & Run, the first single from this EP when it was released and it’s damn heartening to hear that this EP has plenty more head-banging heavy melodic moments to enjoy. In fact, it’s a banger from beginning to end, especially as the beginning comes in the form of the frenetic Bury the Pieces. Twisting the melodic metal term, while also delivering a big anthemic sound.

While the following Fear doesn’t have quite the same impact, it is still a rousing example of Secrets of Mariana’s ability to sound both nightmarish and dreamy. The vocals do play a big part in that too, as they go from powerfully clean to downright demonic sounding. The absolute carnage created at the end of this track lifts it a hell of a lot.

Then there is the title track, one of the more instrumentally aggressive sounding tracks (with a wicked and blistering guitar solo), before the aforementioned single, Cut & Run hits with so much vitality and an epic chorus. This is the stuff that helps Secrets of Mariana stand out.

It’s one of those releases that you’d be happy to have a few more tracks on it, to spend a bit more in time in the company of Secrets of Mariana. Especially as the finale of Can You Hear Me is one of their bolder offerings as far as melody goes. The vocals are so strong, and when they bring the heavy, it just feels so right. Arguably one of the most anthemic tracks of all, which is really saying something when you consider the EP as whole is immensely anthemic.

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Secrets of Mariana – Shadow Track Listing:

1. Bury the Pieces
2. Fear
3. Shadow
4. Cut & Run
5. Can You Hear Me


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Secrets of Mariana - Shadow (Self Released)
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