EP Review: Satanic Tea Co – A Celestial Beating (Self Released)

Satanic Tea Co are preparing to release a new offering of perfectly blended death metal on the 27th of September. The upcoming EP, A Celestial Beating, explores sinister religious and cult themes and is best enjoyed with your favourite cuppa.

Tongue jammed in cheek, but bringing forth an excessive amount of savagery, Satanic Tea Co are not messing around when it comes to death metal. Showcasing six tracks of violent, lethal, and ruthless heaviness with all the care of a bull in a china shop.

Kicking off with Purgatory Precursor, the immediate rawness of the EP is present, but it’s not the only thing that this EP has to offer. As after that crashing and smashing start, Septic Savior and Shit Karma show the true face of Satanic Tea Co’s death metal horror. Fast and furious, the manic instrumentation is complimented by vocals that scream and howl with pain and suffering.

A slice of twisted darkness, Chemical Paradise serves as intermission with recorded speak and booming horror atmosphere. Before chaos is unleashed with Dissection of Christ and the title track. Satanic Tea Co delivering explosive and guttural heaviness with a pair of wild head-bangers that prove to be everything any fan of death metal could ever want.

It’s mean, it’s harsh, and it’s good.

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Satanic Tea Co – A Celestial Beating Track Listing:

1. Purgatory Precursor
2. Septic Savior
3. Shit Karma
4. Chemical Paradise
5. Dissection of Christ
6. A Celestial Beating


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Satanic Tea Co - A Celestial Beating (Self Released)
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