EP Review: Sangheilis – Sangheilis (Music-Records)

Sangheilis, founded in 2013, hail from Rouen in France and make their 2020 return with a brand new self-titled EP. Inspired by the international scenes of metalcore, djent, deathcore and nu-metal, Sangheilis brand themselves as ‘neocore’.

The new EP will be released on September 25 2020 on Music-Records.

What’s neocore? I don’t know either, but I guess from this point onwards it will be Sangheilis that comes to mind when I hear the term used. Even if the memories it evokes might not be as pleasant as I’d hoped.

Why? Well, this EP does a lot right, but it also is a bit too much of a mish-mash of ideas that comes across confused. You can be bang into a segment featuring crunchy riffs, thick breakdowns, guttural death-infused vocals and a touch of electronica only to find it slide into unimaginative nu-metal style barbs. It might flow well but it’s hot and cold which leaves a slightly sour taste in the mouth.

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It’s a shame because, as previously said, there’s a ton of things to enjoy here. It’s brutally heavy, the electronica works well most of the time and there’s this constant feeling of explosiveness to the EP.

Sangheilis – Sangheilis Full Track Listing:

1. Valhalla
2. Until the End
3. Beyond Errors
4. Mindless
5. Beastkiller
6. Apocalypse


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Sangheilis - Sangheilis (Music-Records)
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