EP Review: Ruin Lust – Choir Of Babel (20 Buck Spin)

New York’s Ruin Lust have spent the better part of the last decade spreading a drape of black violence across the dank basement corners of the deepest underground. Though temporarily dormant after their debut the band returned with new music in 2019 with “Sacrifice”. And now in 2020 the third Ruin Lust atrocity “Choir Of Babel” marks the band’s 20 Buck Spin debut. Out on March 13th 2020.

An inhuman EP, Ruin Lust draw from the filthy well of many metal genres to create five tracks of bestial horror. Indiscernible noise, like a screeching, crawling and bloody beast from hell, it’s impossible to know where one fleshy part begins and another ends.

This isn’t hyperbole, Ruin Lust are a terrifying and horrifying prospect that will appeal to those who enjoy the most extreme of extreme metal. From the very start until the very end, the band hit their instruments as hard as possible and don’t stop for even a second. It makes for a rough listen, although through the sheer brutality of it all, it is supremely appealing.

Ruin Lust – Choir of Babel Full Track Listing:

1. The Choir Of Babel
2. Prison Of Sentient Horror
3. Worm
4. Bestial Magnetism
5. Rite Of Binding


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Ruin Lust - Choir Of Babel (20 Buck Spin)
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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