EP Review: Reboot the System – Demo (Self Released)

Reboot the System, a one-man heavy metal band has released a four-track EP entitled ‘Demo’. All the work of Mattias Zimmergren who plays every instrument except for the drums which are programmed. The EP also features 4 different singers.

After a short and eerie intro, it’s Dennis Kare Andersson of Kill the Kong up first to scream his way across the title track. A fast-paced thrash metal style track where the riffs fly like fur from a cat fight. An intense listen, it’s bettered though by the following Drenched in My Fears.

A fair bit of groove to the guitars, a varied vocal performance from Rasmus Weström (Leading Light) and Mike Andersson (Tungsten, Cloudscape) and intense bursts of manic metal that will knock anyone down. This is the track you play a person to show them what Reboot the System are all about. Especially when you hear the guitar solo.

Finally it’s the frantic blackened death metal style of Iniquity to end a grand EP. One that has Markus Kristoffersson from Offensive Ground absolutely roaring across it. A short and very sharp jab to the temple as a finale.

Reboot the System – Demo Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Reboot the System
3. Drenched in My Fears
4. Iniquity




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Reboot the System – Demo (Self Released)
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