EP Review: Razoreater – Purgatory (FHED Records)

Ferocious, urgent and uncompromising; one of the UK’s most exciting defenders of the grind return with their first studio release in five years, Purgatory. Celebrating their tenth year as a band, Razoreater are more fired up than ever before and will be releasing this new EP on vinyl, cassette and digital formats through Cardiff, UK based DIY extreme music label FHED on September 24th, 2021.

Fuck positivity and trying to find the best out of every shitty situation. Instead get angry. Get furious. The world is shit, people are shit, everything is shit.



It’s this sort of feeling that drives the all-out grindcore noise of Purgatory, an EP that is the soundtrack to anger, hate and suffering. Seven tracks of ‘fuck you’ clamour, Razoreater come out absolutely raging and refuse to calm down for even a second.

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Circle pit mayhem? This is way more destructive sounding. Eye-watering speed, serrated guitar riffs, bone-grinding bass, head-pounding drums and vocals that spit and snarl. Razoreater prove that 10 years as a band has only made them more ferocious.

Razoreater – Purgatory Full Track Listing:

1. I Despise Us
2. Cursed Are the Merciful
3. One Last Nail
4. End This Hell
5. Vittu Saatana Perkele
6. Set fire to the Preacher
7. There is No More Hope


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Razoreater - Purgatory (FHED Records)
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