EP Review: Pollyanna Blue – Trials & Tribulations (Self Released)

Following up on the April release of their latest celebrated single Stray, Bristol-based alt-rock two-piece Pollyanna Blue will release their debut studio EP ‘Trials and Tribulations’ on June 23rd, 2023.

While not our first experience of Pollyanna Blue, we’re still surprised they haven’t taken the alt-rock world by storm already. Talking about Stray back in April, we said that:

It’s high time everyone started paying attention to Pollyanna Blue who deliver their most impressive track to date. One that shows huge depth to their song-writing abilities and just how versatile vocalist Zoe Collin is. Though, that might not matter as much if the instrumental rhythms weren’t up to scratch and happily, that is not the case here.

Now, they have four new tracks to share with us and each build upon all the exciting elements of Pollyanna Blue. Showcasing a confident and forward-thinking band who understand the importance of hooking in the listener. Just give the opening track Saviour a go to understand what we mean. The duo are extremely talented and know how to perfectly mesh rocking instrumentation with powerful pop vocals.

With a ton of impactful melody, groovy danceable tones, and singalong choruses, the EP continues in robust fashion with Haunted and Strong Enough. Pollyanna Blue’s passion always at the forefront of their music. Sapphire Lake then wraps things up in extremely melodramatic fashion. A dreamy finale and the vocals are simply spectacular here.

Then it’s over. Far to quickly. Leaving you wanting so much more. Which is always a very good problem to have. We’re going to start sounding like a broken record here, but really, start paying attention to Pollyanna Blue please.

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Pollyanna Blue – Trials and Tribulations Track Listing:

1. Saviour
2. Haunted
3. Strong Enough
4. Sapphire Lake


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Pollyanna Blue - Trials & Tribulations (Self Released)
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