EP Review: Phobophilic – Undimensioned Identities (Rotted Life)

North Dakota’s Phobophilic undoubtedly look to the past and present for inspiration, but Undimensioned Identities is a tilted and deranged enough variant of old school death metal, that it’s clear the four piece is more focused on looking forward than backwards.

Fans of Tomb Mold, Blood Incantation etc. will feel right at home. The EP comes as a limited edition (150) on cassette with 6-panel J Card via Rotted Life on the 13th September.

Whenever a release bills itself as ‘old school’ it’s easy to expect something akin to a tribute sound. This is particularly something that crops up when it comes to death metal. So many releases claim to be ‘old school’ and end up offering nothing but a rehashed sound. Often quality music but not much in the way of forward thinking or longevity.

That doesn’t apply to Phobophilic’s Undimensioned Identities as what we have are four tracks that are old school’ in weight and stature. However the band has one eye on where they want their death metal sound to be going forward.

All thanks to the hefty infusion of riffs and the pushing of them to the forefront of each track.

Fear not, if you want blood-curdling savagery, you’ll get it but you’ll also find a bit more depth. More then you might normally expect and that alone makes it a standout release.

Phobophilic – Undimensioned Identities Full Track Listing:

1. That Which Swallowed the Sun
2. Subterranean Miscreation
3. Diminished to Unbeing
4. Synaptic Vessel


 Bandcamp | Rotted Life


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Phobophilic - Undimensioned Identities (Rotted Life)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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