EP Review: Perpetuum Mobile – Paradoxa Emblemata (Xenoglossy Productions)

Xenoglossy Productions will release the debut EP by Perpetuum Mobile, a newly formed raw black metal/hardcore punk/grindcore band from Italy. The EP is called Paradoxa Emblemata and will be out on cassette format (ltd 25 copies) on September 21st 2018.

The EP is an enigmatic concept about mystic Dionysius Andreas Freher’s opus “Paradoxa Emblemata”. Each track covers one (or more) emblem(s) of the “Paradoxa”, with lyrics arranged from each emblem’s inscription.



A flurry of heavy punk infused metal with elements from blackened death metal and grindcore, Paradoxa Emblemata is intensity personified. Only one track goes over the 2-minute mark and most wrap up in even quicker time. There is even a 9-second blast of noise coming from Out of One. On its own, it’s utterly pointless but amongst the grinding and horrifying sounds of the other tracks it works.

What we have here is a crunching wall of filthy punk-metal that moves at the pace and speed of grind. Keeping up isn’t easy and as soon as it’s beginning to settle in the mind it ends.

This is a release that is only going to appal to a select few in the metal world. You have to have a taste for this kind of wild intensity already as it’s tough to digest. It is exciting though and by time the longest track (Pro Merito Binarius excluditur) arrives you’ll be well and truly indoctrinated.

Perpetumm Mobile 1

Perpetuum Mobile – Paradoxa Emblemata Full Track Listing:

1. Perpetuum Mobile
2. Unum Immobile / Cuncta Moventur
3. Point, Center, Circumference
4. Out of One
5. Seven Are One
6. Abyssal Nothing
7. Great Conjunction
8. Thee Not
9. Generation of Fire
10. Pro Merito Binarius excluditur

You can order the cassette via Bandcamp here.

Perpetuum Mobile - Paradoxa Emblemata (Xenoglossy Productions)
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