EP Review: Oversize – Into The Ceiling (Church Road Records/Quiet Panic)

Oversize draw inspiration not only from American alt-rock big hitters such as The Smashing Pumpkins and Dinosaur Jr, but also from closer to home in the UK’s home-grown sounds of New Wave, Shoegaze and even 90s Britpop.

Formed just before the pandemic took hold, the alternative 5-piece have since released a single (Drive), an EP (In Balance) and have an impressive number of live shows under their belt playing across the UK.

Now, Oversize are set to release their next EP, Into the Ceiling on the 21st of October 2022 via Church Road in Europe and Quiet Panic in North America.

If there is one track to check out on this EP, it is the first single Taste. An awesome track that features shoegazey rhythm, mellow vocals and wicked bursts of heavier rock. An encapsulation of a lot of different genres and it’s a track that never goes in the direction you expect. It’s got enough energy to make you move, while being melodramatic to make you feel.

Yet, it’s not the only reason to check out this new EP. The band’s moody and alternative side immediately showcased on the rhythmic opener, Different Light. Then there is the dreary but captivating hit of dopamine that comes from Wasted Soul. Even though it’s not what you might call a ‘feel good’ track, Oversize’s musical abilities make it so.

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The EP is then wrapped up with a hefty banger, riffy and groovy, called Dissolve. That ‘Britpop’ tag a bit more obvious here but not something that is obnoxiously prominent. Thanks to wonderful melody and a banging chorus, it’s a track as good as Taste.

Oversize – Into the Ceiling Full Track Listing:

1. Different Light
2. Taste
3. Wasted Soul
4. Dissolve


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Oversize - Into The Ceiling (Church Road Records/Quiet Panic)
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