EP Review: Orphan Devil – Victims of the Night/Drifting Away (Gates of Hell Records)

Victims of the Night/Drifting Away is the debut two-song EP from upstart Finnish metallers, Orphan Devil that showcases a deft blend of classic metal with a dose of speed.

Formed in 2016, Orphan Devil is named after a 1982 single from the obscure Swedish band Shakespeare, Orphan Devil was formed in 2016 by a group of old Finnish friends who shared the same interest in music. Once vocalist Perttu joined earlier in 2019, Orphan Devil’s lineup was officially complete, and the band quickly got to work on some existing ideas, hammering out the two-song Victims of the Night/Drifting Away EP, which will be formally released on vinyl by Gates Of Hell Records.

As an introduction goes, Orphan Devil do make an impression with their two track EP. Not only do they leave an impression but they also leave a hunger for more. The two tracks we get here are energetic classic metal numbers but with just a touch of melody here and there to give it some freshness.

Something that is needed because there’s no getting away from the fact that this sounds ripped straight from decades long since passed. Enough so that if I didn’t know anything about them, I’d presume they were a band from the classic metal era re-releasing a long-lost/forgotten EP.

I guess that’s a good thing for the band though as that’s their sound. It’s no bad thing for us either as the end result is a classy heavy metal release. Rough but rollicking riffs, thick bass lines and clean, epically-tinged vocals combine for a very catchy set of tracks.

Way more enjoyable then you might first expect.

Orphan Devil – Victims of the Night/Drifting Away Full Track Listing:

1. Victims of the Night
2. Drifting Away




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Orphan Devil - Victims of the Night/Drifting Away (Gates of Hell Records)
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