EP Review: Orbit Culture – Shaman (Seek & Strike)

Swedish metal juggernauts Orbit Culture return with their new EP, Shaman. It will be released on September 24th, 2021 via Seek & Strike. It follows on from the critically acclaimed Nija album, beingpacked with the riffs and hooks fans have come to love, but also serving as a taster of the band’s evolved and live-focused sound.

Guitarist / vocalist Niklas Karlsson commented:

Musically, Shaman has a bit more flow to be executed more in a live setting, which was one of the goals. We have some songs on the ‘Nija’ album that we’d like to play live, but some of them just don’t quite translate how we want them to, when we play them. We want to be a band able to run around the stage and invite people to the show and connect that way, rather than standing in one place and sweating over weird guitar patterns and what not.

Nija was a banger, we loved it and unsurprisingly we love Shaman, as much because it has such a live orientated focus. The 5 tracks of this EP are fiery, energetic crowd pleasers filled with Orbit Culture’s addictive heavy sound.

Absolutely brimming with hooks, Mast of the World is a banger of a start with circle pit mayhem inducing death metal groove, huge gothic melodies and a beast of a chorus. However, the following Flight of the Fireflies is the highlight of the EP. The absolute size of the chorus in this track – it is epic and sure to be a killer live track.

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Carvings has stompy, smash-mouth heavy groove played at a high tempo for another kickass thriller that is Orbit Culture as continually heavy and freakily catchy as always. They’re masters of making crushing heaviness sound so rhythmic.

The infectious nature of this EP is fully realised on the last two tracks though. The metal club-floor banger of Strangler, where the bouncy beat encourages dangerous behaviour and A Sailor’s Tale brings forth a jaunty sea-faring epic. A finale that is going to be an important live singalong even with the wild riffing and soloing that makes it such a banger of a finale.

Orbit Culture – Shaman Full Track Listing:

1. Mast Of The World
2. Flight Of The Fireflies
3. Carvings
4. Strangler
5. A Sailor’s Tale



Orbit Culture - Shaman (Seek & Strike)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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