EP Review: Of Virtue – Sinner (Arising Empire)

The alt-metal/metalcore powerhouse that is Of Virtue continue their progression and rise to dominance this August 12th with their brand-new EP, Sinner. Out via Arising Empire.

Pulling absolutely no punches, Sinner is the next step in Of Virtue’s evolution and another building block towards their unstoppable rise to prominence. It might only be four tracks long but across the four, Of Virtue showcase a spectacular, developed, and purposeful alternative metal sound. One rooted in modern sensibilities and with massive crossover appeal.

If you want ripping and roaring heaviness with an anthemic chorus, the opener of Hypocrite will deliver. Yet, then Of Virtue drop something like the title track, blending electronica and effects with robust and rougher metal parts. It’s a memorable listen, if not a little bit intolerable because of the heavy electronica usage. That’s a taste thing as there is sure to be many who adore it.

Although everyone who hears Cold Blooded is sure to agree about this track’s quality. A track that has ethereal touches, a massive chorus, and oozes diversity. Making it one of the EP’s best songs.

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Before Echoes adds even more heart and soul to an EP packed with it. An emotive closing track that proves Of Virtue are only going to grow and grow when this is the kind of music they’re putting out.

Of Virtue – Sinner Full Track Listing:

1. Hypocrite
2. Sinner
3. Cold Blooded
4. Echoes




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Of Virtue - Sinner (Arising Empire)
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