EP Review: Nur NH – Unbroken (Self Released)

Nur NH is an artist with a story to tell. The multi-lingual singer-songwriter began her musical career back in 1996, writing and performing songs unrestricted by genre, and by 2011 was signed to US label World Media Alliance, enjoying success with her EP ‘Real Story’.

Then in 2013, Nur NH disappeared from the music scene, right when the world seemed to be at her feet.

Nur NH has re-emerged, though, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, wielding her music as a weapon, a healing method and as an inspiration to all who listen, for she is “Unbroken”.

Upon her return to music, it was revealed that the charismatic artist had been imprisoned in a domestic violence situation for 10 long years, narrowly escaping with her life, sanity, and dreams intact.

She is forever changed, but now a stronger and more determined musician than she has ever been, ready to take her power back and dominate stages with music darker and heavier than ever before.

Nur NH says of this new EP, titled ‘Unbroken’:

These songs represent a life struggle that myself and many women face on a daily basis. It is an emotional journey of music ranging from extreme depression to the joyful feeling of survival. My music is what is saving me from the physical and mental scars and trauma that I still carry to this day.

Nur NH has this message to anyone who may resonate with her story:

Don’t be scared of the violence that may have been done to you. Leave, move on and survive! Reach for your own happiness and find that feeling of freedom within yourself, because you are all you need to be complete. Show the world that you are strong, fearless and UNBROKEN.

Unbroken will be released worldwide on November 11th, 2023.

No words that I can write can possibly put into perspective the experience that Nur NH has gone through and where she finds herself at the end of 2023. Putting it simply, I can’t even imagine what she has experienced and the thought of reviewing this record like I normally would, feels wrong.

So, it has to be said that no matter what I, or you, think of the music that Nur NH has created here, this record is so important. So important because it shows how far Nur NH has come as person and it offers a voice to the voiceless. If anyone can find comfort, hope, or strength from the four tracks of Unbroken, then it is undoubtably a success story.

All that being said, this is an impressive showcase of Nur NH’s anthemic abilities, delivering a crossover style of gothic alternative metal. Where the focus has to be put on her incredible vocals, but no one should ignore the robust and groove-infused heavy instruments either.

It’s all of that, and more that makes up the infectious I’m Done With You, where an emphatic chorus is the cherry on top. Nur NH’s gothic melodious side is then on display with The Dark is Like A Fire. A track with empowering lyrical content, a strong guitar solo, and impactful drama infused in it.

Something that continues into the layered Un Vero Amore, where Nur NH’s vocals really shine against the backdrop of the gloomy melody. Finally, this powerful and emotional return is capped off with Goodbye Ciao Ciao. A lively call to arms that leans into poppier territories.

Welcome back, Nur NH.

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Nur NH – Unbroken Track Listing:

1. I’m Done With You
2. The Dark is Like a Fire
3. Un Vero Amore
4. Goodbye Ciao Ciao


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