EP Review: Novichoke – Wounds (Self Released)

Novichoke is a Russian blackened death metal project and on December 10th, their first EP will be released. Called ‘Wounds’, it details the wounds modern Russia leaves on its citizens: addiction, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder etc.



A sickening blast of blackened death metal noise, Wounds is a whirlwind assault of savagery. Where the crushing weight of the instrumentation comes down hard and heavy on the brain. There’s nothing subtle about this EP, it’s 3 tracks of repulsive noise.

Though, as you would expect, that’s the sort of thing we quite enjoy and Wounds has a ton of merit about it. Starting with the expulsion of ferocity that is Descendant, a track that invades the mind and fills it with hateful imagery of a corrupt and dangerous government.

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Following that, Rite of Suicide is somehow even darker, colder and more twisted sounding. The bleak subject matter merges with an outpouring of ferocity to create something horrifying but so addictive. It is so harsh on the mind, body and soul but you’ll be glad you heard it.

Finally, the title track wraps up an EP designed to make your stomach turn while also demanding you pay attention to problems that may not be at the forefront of your mind most of the time. One last uncouth and unforgiving blast of blackened death metal noise to make you want to grab a warm cup of hot chocolate and huddle under a blanket.

Novichoke – Wounds Full Track Listing:

1. Descendant
2. Rite of Suicide
3. Wounds




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Novichoke - Wounds (Self Released)
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