EP Review: Nobody – Gospel of the Goat (Inverse Records)

Nobody is a Finnish black metal artist who combines acoustic and fusion elements into his music. He has toured extensively in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia, France and Belgium. He has also published three short story collections and one dramatic play touching on the themes of the occult.

Nobody’s new EP ‘Gospel of the Goat’ is set to be released on January 17th 2020 by Inverse Records.

Acoustic-infused black metal may not be the most appealing description for those who enjoy the darker side of metal. However, Nobody’s unique take on occultism within the music makes the five track EP a worthy listen. It sounds devilish, it sounds ancient and most of all it sounds dangerous.

Soft melodies played on a guitar and howling demonic vocals, the combination is pretty cool. It’s something a bit different and the legitimacy behind Nobody sure makes it seem all the more important.

However, it is certainly not going to be for everyone and truth be told, something of an acquired taste. Something that could only really work as an EP.

Nobody – Gospel of the Goat Full Track Listing:

1. In the Arms of the North
2. Desecrating the Priest’s Daughter
3. Ritual of Flesh
4. The Feathered Serpent
5. The Temple


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Nobody - Gospel of the Goat (Inverse Records)
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