EP Review: No Bragging Rights – No Bragging Rights (Pure Noise Records)

After an extended hiatus California based hardcore outfit No Bragging Rights have returned with their first new music released since 2014’s acclaimed album ’The Concrete Wall’.

The new self-titled EP will be released on the 3rd December 2021 through Pure Noise Records.

A blistering and energised return, No Bragging Rights are back and with aplomb. This 7-track EP is the band at their visceral and vehement best. Albeit with a lot to say and a lot to share with the listener.

Kicking off with the thumping and banging wave of noise that is the hardcore intensity of Strength’s Perspective and into the powerful Walking Blind. The latter addresses the struggles people have with addiction and really hits hard. The heavy, stompy groove can’t overshadow the passion here.

Talking of which… Breaking Point and Stages are phenomenal displays. The former tackles abusive relationships and has No Bragging Rights digging deeply to showcase just how well their hardcore and melody driven sides can mesh. Whereas the latter is an explosive and chaotic heavyweight listen. The group shouting and brief ‘post-like’ guitars are extraordinary.

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This is music you feel, and The Weight is a great example of this. Before a heartfelt look at the past (Regret) touches the soul. A track with the most amount of melody and clean vocals but still packed with hardcore energy.

A stellar return is then capped off with one last burst of noise. Unapologetic and its jerky rhythm is balanced by powerful expulsions of melody. A real barn-burner of a finale on a barn-burner of an EP.

No Bragging Rights – No Bragging Rights Full Track Listing:

1. Strengths Perspective
2. Walking Blind
3. Breaking Point
4. Stages
5. The Weight
6. Regret
7. Unapologetic


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No Bragging Rights - No Bragging Rights (Pure Noise Records)
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